Neurodudes on the web!

Welcome to both old and new Neurodudes!

Bayle and I have decided to try moving Neurodudes to a more open, blog-based format. The idea here is to encourage more contributions from more people. If you’d like to post something, just follow the directions on the left. If you find yourself posting often, we’ll hook you up with you own account.

I hope that we can revive the Neurodudes discussion and make it even more lively in its new home on the web!

To me, it’s really remarkable that they’re are hardly any neuroscience blogs right now on the web. That said, our even more specialized focus (interesting research that’s at the forefront of both natural and artificial intelligence) is practically non-existent. Not for long…

The idea of transitioning Neurodudes from a mailing list (as it has been since its inception in Feb. 2003) to a web-based forum seems natural: Although the email format worked for some time, people naturally get busy and the onus remains on the (few) contributor-readers. A dead mailing list is just no good. My hope here is that, by putting Neurodudes on the web, we will get more active contributor-readers and that the discussion will be allowed to flow in a less obtrusive way (ie. blog comments instead of email floods, as has been the result of a few of our discussions).

If you’ve got ideas, we want to hear them. Post them in the comments below or send us some mail: feedback at neurodudes dot com.


2 thoughts on “Neurodudes on the web!

  1. You seem to be right – almost no neuroscience blogs, and even fewer in the area of natural and AI. Can it be that if you are interested in it, you cannot have it? (intelligence that is, not sex). Or is it that brain bloggers block bloviation? Most likely it is the incompatibility of numeracy and literacy (Geschwind had a theory about that).


  2. its pretty sad that there is a dearth of blogs on this cutting-edge field of science. this site is definitely going to be bookmarked. the articles are all well written and very informative. thank you.


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