4 thoughts on “Syed lab: some sort of MEA/culture advance

  1. Hmm… hopefully we’ll hear more about what he actually *did* with the MEA soon. I must say that his web site is certainly flashly. Like the part of the intro animation where the snail rockets away and all his publications/journal covers appear.. šŸ™‚


  2. It’s too bad none of the press releases actually mentioned what was done. Basically, using a capacitor and transistor, the investigators potentiated a chemical synapse between two snail neurons. This work was also done with Fromherz, who’s done a lot of the neuron-on-a-chip research.


  3. Nothing new was done. Very lame. Interfacing neurons with electrical equipment has been acheived many times before. No new culture tech. snails just have hearty neurons. This release is very, very lame.


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