"Frontiers in Biological Physics III: Neurobiology" workshop

“Frontiers in Biological Physics III: Neurobiology” to be held June 18-20, 04, at the Inn at Aspen, Aspen Colorado. The workshop is sponsored by the Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter (ICAM).

Don’t know if what I got is an open invitation, but it seems like it is. There was an MSWord registration form attached.

>Dear Colleague,
>We write to bring your attention to a workshop on “Frontiers in
>Biological Physics III: Neurobiology” to be held June 18-20, 04, at
>the Inn at Aspen, Aspen Colorado. The workshop is sponsored by the
>Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter (ICAM), a distributed
>”Institute without Walls”, an independent unit of the University of
>California, devoted to the search for the organizing principles that
>govern Emergent Behavior in Matter, be it biological, chemical, or
>physical and is supported by a Grant from the National Science
>Foundation. Registration fee for the workshop is $175.00 payable by
>check (only) to UC Regents and payable at the time of
>registration. We are offering to pay room and board (shared) for 20
>grad students and postdocs, so you must register ASAP.
>Appreciation for theoretical approaches in biology has been
>increasing over the past decade as biologists have recognized that
>many problems in integrative biology require theory and physicists
>have been caught up in the excitement generated by rapid advances in
>biological research. Neurobiology is an area of special interest in
>this context because the challenges offered by the brain, this most
>complex machine, seem especially suited to theory. The goal of this
>symposium is to survey some areas of neurobiology that seem most in
>need of theory, and to explore some of the theoretical approaches
>that have been especially successful. The speakers will provide
>background information to make the material accessible to those
>without training in biology. Areas covered with include bird song,
>vision, the olfactory system, motor control, and networks.

> We have blocked rooms at the Inn at Aspen, and you can refer to
>”ICAM ” when making your reservations. We request that you make
>your own reservations at this time, by calling the hotel at
>800-952-1515. However, if you have problems making this
>reservation, we would gladly assist you. We will need a credit card
>type, number and expiration date. Please remember to guarantee your
>room for late arrival. The cut-off date to make a reservation is
>Saturday, May 1, 2004. It is essential that you make your
>reservations ASAP as we have blocked rooms at the Inn, and the room
>block must be met by the cutoff date. Please fill out all the
>information requested on the attached registration form and send it
>back to the ICAM conference administrator, Rose Romero, at
>rbromero@lanl.gov or by fax at (505) 665-4584.
>Yours sincerely,
>Charles Stevens
>Rose Romero
>Public Relations Specialist
>Los Alamos National Laboratory
>Los Alamos, NM 87545
>PH: (505) 665-7657
>FAX: (505) 665-4584

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