Mathmatically gifted are ambicortexed!

Interesting hemispheric study of processing differences in gifted children. Click below for the entire article.

Brain’s left and right sides work together better in mathematically
gifted youth

There really may be something different about the brains of
math-heads. Mathematically gifted teens did better than average-ability
teens and college students on tests that required the two halves of the
brain to cooperate, as reported in the April issue of Neuropsychology,
published by the American Psychological Association (APA).
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Cyberkinetics starting human trials

Looks like John Donoghue’s company will be doing human trials this year in quadraplegics! Cyberkinetics is one of the first companies (Neural Signals Inc. was the first, I think) to actually do human implants for read-out (versus other therapeutics like deep brain stimulation.

What’s really remarkable here is the speed at which research has moved to medicine. (the nature paper is from 2002!) This is how things should be.
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