Neuroscience databases

Exciting developments in neuroscience databases.Two articles: a new database,, and an interesting review of current work going on in the creation of neuroscience databases.

The first article is an advertisement for, an exciting new electrophysiological data repository:

The second is an interesting review of current work going on in the creation of neuroscience databases.

Note especially the work in federating different databases with totally different software and schemas. The BIRN project is working on a system to allow query translation between these various databases, and even ontologies to allow automated inference of which terms in the query correspond to which fields and which objects in the target database.

Some databases mentioned

  • Electrophysiological databases
  • Imaging databases
    • Cell Centered Database (CCDB): 3D structural and protein localization data derived from light and electron microscopy
  • Spatially registered databases:
    • Mouse Atlas Project: the C57BL/J6 adult mouse15
      EMAP and EMAGE: spatiotemporal mapping of gene expression and structural data in the embryonic mouse and human
      CARET: cortical maps of several species
  • Federated databases

There’s also two lists of databases (not mentioned in either article, I think) that you should be aware of:



One thought on “Neuroscience databases

  1. In my opinion, the creation of these databases is among the most important work in neuroscience today. Especially the BIRN infrastructure project, which ultimately will accelerate database creation by allowing various groups to create their own specialized databases, organized however they want, and then to link them together.


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