Email subscription available

Now you can subscribe to receive Neurodudes by email. To sign up, just enter your email into the email subscription field in the sidebar on the lower right hand side of the main Neurodudes page.

Once a day, you’ll receive an email digest containing the full text of any new Neurodudes stories (with an HTML version attached, so you’ll get the hyperlinks too). You won’t be emailed unless there is a new story*, and you won’t be emailed anyone’s comments on the story, just the story itself.

The email subscription uses an external service called Bloglet. I am satisfied that their privacy policy will prevent them from ever selling your email address.

Please let us know if anything isn’t working with subscriptions; email

(p.s.: i already manually subscribed a small group of people, so if you’re reading this in your email, you’re already subscribed)

*: or unless we modify the site in certain ways, in which case the software gets confused and resends the last 10 or so stories the next day

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