Synaptic plasticity bibliography

Last summer, I began to make an online mini-bibliography on neocortical synaptic plasticity. It currently contains over 160 citations divided into over 35 cross-linked subtopic listings.

I did this while I was studying for my qualifying exam (one of the questions was on synaptic plasticity in neocortex). The result is by no means complete; I didn’t go out looking for the seminal papers in this field, I just wrote down whatever I stumbled across while working on the exam.

Many subtopics have a paragraph or two of descriptive text at the top, in case you forgot what synaptic redistribution is, for example. Hopefully this will also serve as an example of how a wiki can be used as a collaborative bibliography. On that note, I would welcome your help in adding new papers or new topics to the wiki, or in better organizing and describing the existing content.

I was planning to hold off on posting this until we upgraded NeuroWiki with our new spam-blocking software, but what the heck. Until then, you may find many of the pages periodically compromised by spam.

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