Adderall abuse with students

Another interesting psychopharmacology issue. We’ve covered the SSRIs here before but the newest trend is among high-school and college-age wanting something to help them focus, do better on tests, etc. Adderall, prescription amphetamine salts for ADHD, seems to be the drug of choice. Article from the Christian Science Monitor follows. (A quick search on Google News shows just how much press this issue has been getting.)

A drug kids take in search of better grades
By Rebecca L. Weber | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor

When Paul left home to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder, he took his prescription for the drug Adderall along with him. The medication is normally used to treat attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but Paul – who now believes he had been misdiagnosed – no longer used it for that purpose.

Instead, the journalism/business student says he took Adderall only occasionally and with a very specific intent: to help him focus on homework, or to stay up all night cramming for an exam. He also shared the pills with other students who did not have prescriptions, but who wanted Adderall for the same reasons he did.

Fellow students “always wanted my Adderall for studying,” says Paul, who asks that his last name not be used. “Certain individuals couldn’t study without it. They figured, ‘If I study all night on Adderall, I’d better take it for the test, too.’ ”

Adderall is the amphetamine most widely prescribed to treat ADD/ADHD. As with other amphetamines, regular users of Adderall can soon become dependent on it to get through the day.

Dubbed “kiddie coke,” Adderall is being used – and abused – by increasing numbers of high school and college students on campuses across the United States.

Although students often take the drug together – sometimes in study groups – their intent is not recreational. Rather, they use the stimulant in an attempt to enhance their powers of concentration and improve their academic performance.

“It’s a performance-enhancing drug,” says Punyamurtula Kishore, president and founder of the National Library of Addictions in Brookline, Mass., and a physician at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. “They start accessing the drug legally, and then they find they can sell it for five or 10 bucks a pill to college kids.”

Pressure to earn ever-higher grades appears to be a primary motivation in the Adderall craze, say Dr. Kishore and other experts. In Massachusetts, where parents and school officials often have high expectations for students, more prescriptions are written for Adderall than in any other state.

Often, students begin imbibing while still living at home, and sometimes parents – unaware of the dangers involved – tolerate their misuse of the drug.

“A lot of families look the other way so that kids can stay up and study,” says Kishore. “It’s a myth that they’ll do better on exams … [But while on the drug] they feel they can conquer the world. Then they come down and crash.”

Although Adderall is often perceived as legal since physicians and pharmacists are involved in its dispensing, ultimately it is an illegal drug when used by somebody without a prescription. Campus policies on handling student drug users and dealers vary, but range from a warning with counseling to expulsion.

It’s hard to quantify the extent of Adderall abuse among students. Certainly the availability to children of drugs to treat ADD/ADHD has soared in recent years.

In the last 10 years, the number of preschoolers taking ADD/ADHD drugs has tripled; the number of school-age children has multiplied by 20. More than 2 million American children are prescribed drugs for ADD/ADHD. Adderall represents about a quarter of the market.

Statistics on the legitimate use of Adderall, of course, don’t reveal anything about patterns of illegitimate use. However, some experts suggest that the fact that the drug is viewed as a legitimate one may enhance its appeal – and its danger – to youthful users.

When Adderall is passed on from family or friends who have prescriptions to those who don’t, it has an aura of legality that street drugs don’t have. It’s pure, which makes it seem safer than unregulated drugs, where users don’t know what else it may have been cut with.

But in many states it’s a felony to be in possession of drug that has not been prescribed for the person using it. Prosecution, says Robert Goldstein, chief medical officer of Somnia, could be “equally as damning to a student” as addiction. When people see a prescription bottle, they think it’s OK – even when it’s taken inappropriately, says Dr. Kishore.

Students are more likely to take a single Adderall pill than drink 10 cups of coffee because, at least in the short term, it’s “longer acting and has fewer side effects than caffeine,” says Dr. Goldstein. “When used appropriately, it lasts an entire day.”

For 22-year-old Ben, it helped him concentrate for hours on end at the University of Michigan, his alma mater. Ben (not his real name) restricted his Adderall use to study periods.

After about 20 minutes, the drug would kick in. He says that the ability to concentrate intensely “helped time pass by better. I could read for four hours straight without looking up at the clock.”

When Ben describes the widespread use of Adderall at his alma matter, he said many students retained prescriptions from when they were young even though they no longer used the drug themselves. Some had stopped taking Adderall because of headaches or other side effects, yet were willing to going on supplying it to others, either to “help a friend in a crunch,” as Ben puts it, or to make some quick cash.

At Ann Arbor, blue pills (10 milligrams) normally sold for $3, and orange pills (20 milligrams) for $5, says Ben. Prices rose as demand exceeded supply during midterms and finals.

Ben, an English major, would frequently take the drug with his peers during study groups in the library. They also met afterward to share a joint to alleviate the inevitable side effects, which include restlessness, dizziness, and insomnia.

Kishore has counseled a number of such clusters – small groups of friends who have taken Adderall together, and become dependent on it together.

Overcoming the dependency is tough, Kishore says, especially for students who were using Adderall specifically to help them stay up to study and who need to learn to approach their studies in a new way. Treatment is normally done on an outpatient basis and involves teaching new coping behaviors and techniques.

Some also hope a new version of the drug could help reduce its misuse among younger students.

In 2001, Shire Pharmaceuticals, the maker of Adderall, introduced Adderall XR, a time-release version. The new version was developed primarily as a convenience, the company says. But because it is taken as a single daily dose, children don’t need to bring it to school, thus minimizing “any potential misuse or inappropriate transferring of medicine to individuals without a prescription.”

But some experts say that Adderall abuse is still not being taken seriously enough by many parents and adults.

Widespread toleration of Adderall misuse is similar to the blind eye too many adults cast on teenage drinking in the 1980s, says Goldstein.

“People didn’t pay attention or take it seriously, before groups like MADD,” he says. “[Minors drinking] isn’t just bad because they’re underage, it’s dangerous. If somebody gets in a car, they can injure others and themselves. It’s similar to being a parent throwing a party with kids drinking, only to find out you’re responsible for the car crash that happens later on.”

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  1. Josie, none of the neurodudes admins are medical doctors and probably most of the visitors aren’t either. I suggest that you ask your doctor a question like this rather than posting it here.


  2. I simply feel that what ever someone injests for what ever reason, as long as they learn and master self control and are aware of the facts, it should be nobody’s (parents, doctors, FDA etc.) business or concern but their own. But I emphasize SELF CONTROL and MODERATION because, unfortunately, a majority of people are unable to reach such level. But it can be achieved by a strong willed individual with common sense. Therefore, I think if it works for you and you’re not hurting no one, that’s all that matters. Life is very short-Enjoy it! (just don’t be stupid)


  3. adderall is awesome! i use it strictly for studying. i get physical cramps in my toes sometimes. other than that, i am super productive. i can read a book in one night, or when writing a paper, it seems the right words flow from my fingers. on top of that, adderall gives u a huge mood bump on onset (usually 15 mins to 30 mins). the only downside is the mild depression and insomnia. otherwise, great “supplement”.


  4. one more thing. if you’re trying to use adderall for academic purposes, then just do adderall (and please, don’t snort it you morons.)

    DO NOT mix weed and alcohol with adderall – it will get you F’ed up. great for parties, not for school work.


  5. I am 22 and was recently prescribed Adderall XR at a low dosage, 10mg/day, without a very extensive interview – diagnosed ADD inattentive type. I was hoping to recieve medication for anxiety and depression – but I took the Adderall, thinking, I admit, I could use it to get work done or stay up.
    The results,however, have been remarkable. My anxiety, ever present, has now dissolved! I can also stop an activity im very involved in and do something else i actually need to do, which was difficult before. Mainly, though, Im just calm – no overdrive feeling at all, im actually sleeping more. Im a bit confused because I dont think I have ADD – but this is great.


  6. You guys really worry me. As a Mom of 2 younger boys taking Adderall, I am sick at reading about all of the abuse with this drug. No friggin’ wonder it’s a controlled substance! Until reading this, I was really annoyed at having to go to the Pediatrician every month to physically pick up their scripts and take them to the Pharmacy – after all, I stay very busy with 5 kids and it’d be SO much easier if it could be called in – but now I completely understand why.

    I’m totally baffled at how you guys even get your hands on this? I know that Dr’s will Rx it if a full eval has been worked up, but it must be handed out in BULK if y’all are selling it, buying it, stealing it. I yi yi.

    For those of us who actually NEED it – and go about obtaining it legally and in a safe way, you guys make it a lot harder for those of us who aren’t abusing it.

    Last word of caution (I’m not intending to come off like a preachy Mom) – Last year, our daughter died. She was only 2 and it wasn’t because of anything preventable. In fact, she was perfectly healthy, vibrant, simply BEAUTIFUL. They never did find a cause of death – after doing every study imaginable, NOTHING! My point in sharing this is that even someone who ISN’T abusing drugs/alcohol/etc., can die without warning. How much more of a risk is it for you kids who are purposely putting things in your body that are potentially lethal? As a parent who’s experienced the sheer horror of losing a child, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be careful and don’t put your parents through that. It is the shittiest, most painful, rip-my-heart-out-of-my-chest, feelings ever.

    Be careful. If you do live through it, you may have irreversable consequences one day that you will come to regret…

    Thanks for letting me vent – and don’t even think about replying with a bunch of cussing and disrespect. Don’t go there.


  7. I was never diagnosed as a child but I really think I have some sort of ADD. I started looking into what the symptoms are and came across a few which I can relate to. I told my regular doctor about this and he reffered me to a psychiatrist. I’ve been looking into this for atleast two years now and I wanna do something about it. Now to see a psychiatrist I would have to wait a couple of weeks. What I was wondering is that since the wait time is like 2-4 weeks for each appointment, what can I tell the psychiatrist for him to be able to diagnose me in one visit or two. What kind of questions, tests is he going to run?


  8. I went to see the Doc yesterday. I’ve suspected for a long time that I have ADD – I’m 34 now and I can see that wayyyy back into the days of Elementary School, I exhibited all the classic symptoms. Back then though, there wasn’t really a name for it and they sure didn’t medicate. It was just assumed that you were not “working up to your potential”, as all of the teacher comments on my report cards showed.

    Our 2 oldest boys have been on Adderall XR for 3 and 5 years, respectively. Anyway, I took the assessment yesterday, and as I knew I would, I totally scored showing Adult ADD symptoms. She conservatively started me on 10mg IR Adderall. I cannot take the XR because I had Gastric Bypass surgery 2 years ago and so nothing stays in my stomach long enough to do a slow-release.

    So, as I have a pretty high resistance to most meds (It’s so frustrating!!!!), I shared with her my doubts that 10mg would be enough, but she still wanted to start low. Ok. So she writes the Rx for 10mg, 2 times a day. First of all, if I’m looking for coverage from when I wake at 6am and lasting me through (at least) dinnertime, am I nuts in thinking that 2 doses a day isn’t going to cut it? From what I’ve read, the IR will last *maybe* 4 hours? If that’s the case, and my system is now different from my Gastric Bypass, things go through much quicker, so I’m doubtful that it’ll even last 4 hours. For argument sake, let’s say it DOES last 4 hours. That still puts me taking one at 6am, 10am, 2pm and 4pm. In my world, that’s 4 pills a day. So why would she assume that 2 pills a day would be adequate???? It is clear to me that she hasn’t dealt with a lot of Adult ADD patients/diagnoses, etc.

    I called her nurse and shared these concerns with them this morning. I will hopefully hear back today. Also, the 10mg doesn’t seem to be doing much. I know she’ll probably think I’m nuts calling to report that after less than 2 full days, but this is a STIMULANT medication, right? Stimulants don’t take time to “build up” in your body. From my experience with our kids, the dose either works or it doesn’t.

    Can ANYONE shed any light on this for me? I am uninsured, so I just picked a Dr. and went to her. Apparently I didn’t get one that knows much about this….Which totally sucks for me. I am going to have to be very assertive in this, it seems. 😦


  9. I’ll be going to the doctor soon and hopefully my doctor knows what this is all about. What kind of questions did your doctor ask you just so I know that my doctor knows what he’s talking about. Also what kind of questions shud i ask my doc?


  10. All of these people that are saying that ADD or ADHD is not a real diagnosis and that no one really has this problem obviously are not suffering from it. Since grade school I have been an honor student. I took all of the Advanced Placement classes and graduated with above a 4.0. I started taking college courses when I was a sophomore in high school and that’s when I really realized that maybe I wasn’t smart after all. I could not figure out how it was that in high school everything just came to me. I never had to study or read the book or any of that. The first time that I actually had to read a chapter I was stuck. I can’t read more than about a page and a half in one sitting. I always thought that the kids that bounced off the walls and got into trouble all of the time were the only ones that had ADD. Not true. After I graduated high school I met my husband and fell in love and didn’t go to college right away so life seemed somewhat normal. I always knew that the way that I had to think of things in order to remember or learn anything was different but I just thought that everyone had these little ways around things. I now know that I was actually compensating for my inadequacies. Long story short, all of my life I have always felt like I was not very smart. I could not explain how I got good grades because I never really learned things like the other students I just found ways to make it look like I actually learned the information. I didn’t even really know my multiplication tables until well after high school but I took calculus in high school meaning that I had to take algebra I and II to even be able to take the class. The only way that I was able to pass Algebra and do it with an A is that I had come up with little ways to figure out multiplication problems without actually knowing what the answer was off the top of my head like most normal people do. I mean really who has trouble with 9X7?? Answer is: ME!!! After years of being disorganized and trying so hard to organize my life I was depressed. I was depressed because I felt like no matter what I did I would never finish what I started. My husband and I have two beautiful children and after they were born this problem just became even more obvious. My sister killed her self and that was really the last straw I was so depressed that I just didn’t even know what to do with myself so I decided to go to counseling. After a year of counseling we worked through my sisters death and I was still depressed. I went back to college and the depression just got worse. I was spending about 8 hours a night trying to finish my homework. I was going to school online and raisng two well three kids including my husband and I was totally disorganized and couldn’t concentrate for more than about 10 minutes if even that. My doctor finally decided that he thought that I might have a few “concentration issues” as he put it and sent me to two diffent doctors for testing. The tests came back and I was scored at about a 90% chance of having ADD combination type. They explained to me that the executive functions in my brain were way off whack. I started to take strattera and after about 3 weeks I saw a little improvement but it gave me really bad headaches and I had to stop taking it. I have now been on Adderall XR for about 2 months and it has been great. I don’t get a buzz as some people have described it and I don’t feel wired. All of the energy that I felt inside now feels like it is under control finally. So my point of all of this is that once upon a time I thought the same way that some of the people on this post do. I thought that if a person really wanted to pay attention they needed to just do it and quit making excuses. Well it’s not that easy especially if you don’t even realize that your problem is that you can’t pay attention. I think that it is wrong for people to share drugs that are prescribed to them with other people because someone could really get hurt. I don’t think that parents should get these drugs for their kids just to help them do better in school unless they truely need the drugs. There are a few people out there that really do need the help that these drugs offer and for me it has saved my sanity. Being a mother of two, having an epileptic husband, a full time job and going to school is a lot easier when you can actually concentrate. Because of Adderall XR I finally like my life and I love the challenges of being all of the things that I just mentioned and eventually I will graduate with honors and feel like I have finally accomplished my goal.


  11. I am a senior in high school (not prescribed) and have just found out about adderall. At first I was a little worried about taking it because i didn’t know how it would affect me. Eventually I took it 1 day during the school week. During school I find out how different My progress was and enjoyed how smart I felt. While on adderall I experienced euphoria. I would have a posative attitude, ability focus A LOT BETTER, and increased social activity. With those effects, who wouldn’t want to use it. The next time I took it was during my finals week. The first day I took 20 mg, and I did geat. Now I have a psychology type of mind and i got curious about the drug so I experimented with it further. The next day I took 40mg, my performance-even better. Finally on my last day of finals I took 60mg which i thought was such a great experience, and it was, I got A’s on all my finals and didn’t look up once from the test. I found that on 60 mg i was able to find ways to solve the questions even though i had not remembered he formula, and i didn’t want to move onto the next question until I found out the answer. althought my performance was great I dont think that i will ever try that much again because I know that this drug can mess up your brain when you dont need it. now-a-days I will take it on average about 4 times a month which is pretty good considering people do it a lot more than that, because they become dependant or addicted. Now I will admitt I want to do it more than I do because I love the euphoria. It doesn’t help that I have a few friends whosell it too me for only $1 a pill which is very cheap so I could buy 10 at a time if I wanted to. As good as the effects are I wouldn’t recommentd it. If you decide to do it I would recommend doing a lot or research to find out what u may be doing to yourself.

    ps. i’m on adderall now, and missing class to fiish this.


  12. I am a sophmore in high school, I was on ritalin from ages 7-14 and stopped taking ritalin because it wasn’t working, when I was in ninth grade I ran across adderall, being that I do have ADHD the drug was easy for me to obtain with a perscription, it is meth in pill form, and helped me through 9th grade and part of tenth it is not worth it, I usually snorted it and the side-effects were horrible (even by mouth) I can’t eat on it, I feel kind of high on and it makes me really depressed, it’s not hard to fake ADHD and get an RX for this, but just research it before you experiment.


  13. ADD is a real problem. Adderall changed my life. I agree that it is being overprescribed, and I think that’s where all the negative press stems from. I have ADD and I am on adderall every waking moment. I can’t imagine life without it. I’m a horrible mess without it, socially and cognitively. I wish I didn’t have to take it, though, because I hate having to be on drugs all the time and I am scared of the long-term consequences. I especially hate hiding it from my friends and being considered a freak. Adderall is not addictive if you actually have ADD. People who have the condition don’t build up a tolerance to it because it fixes a chemical imbalance in their brains. People who don’t have ADD do build up a tolerance and are much more likely to become abusers because it gives them a euphoric “high” and then they begin to crave it. As for me, it just makes me into a normal person like everyone else. I take a normal amount of time completing tasks. There is no “superhuman” concentration that I get from taking the pills. I BECOME A NORMAL PERSON on adderall. To those who don’t actually have a problem, please refrain from giving adderall a bad rep.


  14. Has anyone noticed that while reading over the various opinions on the stimulant, a trend appears…those that have just been prescribed the drug (within the last 3 months) can’t emphasize how much they love the “medication” and they wished they had gotten it sooner, and rave about the numerous positive effects it has had. The other common group of those who have been on the “drug” for a while (more then 2 years) start off by saying, “At first,….” and end up describing an isolated struggle with addiction, depression and withdrawl.

    The reason I’m writing this, (Not a regular blogger) is to underline the problem with reading this blog as a “Pro’s and Con’s” type of site. I’m on Adderall right now, and have been for 5 years. I actually have ADHD, because when I was initially prescribed on it in high school my parents were skeptical, so I had to get a 2nd and then a 3rd opinion, all of which confirmed the first doctors diagnoses. The medication has helped in certain area’s drastically, for example in highschool I had a 2.2 when they put me on it. My senior year I got a 3.8 and went off to a good University with strong SAT’s and an upward trend in GPA. (Took the SAT’s on it). I am now finishing up my last semester at college, where I will graduate Magna Cum Laude and then attend Law School in the fall.
    However, while there is no denying the positive social/academic effects of the substance, there are very real problems with the Addiction/Withdrawl Side effect. I have never “spun out of control” or “hit rock bottom” but there was a 4 month period where I did up my own dosage…not drastically (prescribed 60mg, moved to 100mg)because I was graduating a year early, which meant taking 6 courses, and I can tell you first hand, as someone who has never had a substance abuse problem, it was a gut check to move down to 40mg after the semester. I think it often gets misunderstood that those who develope a tolerance, or go through withdrawl are those who have a history off drug abuse problems and it just not true. I’m not saying it’s like Reqeum for a Dream or anything, but it takes a lot of disipline, probably equivilant to quiting smoking to stop taking Adderall if you have been taking it regularly for more then 2-3 years and not abusing it. (Like I said I am now down to 40…and been on it for over 5 years, more then 60 prescriptions, and taken more then the daily dosage less then 4 of them).

    I am not trying to write a journal entry, I just want those college/high school students who have recently began taking Adderall to understand that: 1) You WILL eventually develope a tolerance, whether it’s in 5 years or some of the more drastic posts I have seen of 2 months…and 2) When you develope that tolerance you will be faced with the choice of either increasing your own dosage, or Stopping…the first is dangerous and the latter is not fun…I wrestled in highschool and lost 36 LBS in 10 Days (Before The adderall, just a coincidence) and the Crash from the withdrawl was 10X harder then the fast.

    Whether or not ADD/ADHD is something we have recently uncovered, or have recently created as the label for a very different learning enviroment compared to our parents and grand parents (I have two younger brothers, and one is learning Algerbra and Spanish in Elementary school)is irrelivant. Adderall WILL produce positive changes in your Acedemic performance, and in some peoples social performance. If you take it once in a while to study, then you have nothing to worry about…but if you are contemplating getting a prescription, or just got one I urge you to approach the decision seriously, think about it in terms of having that 12th drink that you know you shouldn’t…(Relative to your tolerance) because it is inevitable that you will go to sleep and wakeup with that Hangover, but in the case of stimulants it will last for around 2-6 weeks.


  15. I stay up for days at a time. My longest was Sunday to Friday.
    I can easily not take the pills..but when I don’t, I can’t concentrate at all. I also feel really depressed.
    I don’t feel like my friends do when they take adderall. They say they feel like they can concentrate so much better. When I take it, I finally feel like a normal person.

    I wish I had never tried it, but when your first experience with adderall leads to getting an A on a test for a class you’ve never gone to..why not?


  16. When i started taking adderall my grades went up, gymnastics came so much easier, and losing waigh was awsome!! I actually paid attention in school and had fun diong it!! gymnastics became the funnest thing ever..the medicane did it for me!! Losing waith was no problem.. i love not wanting to eat…i could go 3 days with out eating or sleeping when i was on it!!! But on the flip side my attitude changed.. by the end of the day i never wanted to talk so my friends lost intrest in me..i would also have lots of emotionsl break down and nt want to do any thing..some times its worth it other times it not!!! So i normally fall back to it when my grades drop, gymnastics isn’t going so good, and i pick up weight!!! Then once i get caught up i quit taking it bc using it 4 to long will mess me all up and change who i am completly!!!


  17. For those of us who finally figured out that our thought processing is drastically different than most folk, medications like adderall are a God-send. I went back to school later in life and got my chemistry degree at 34 and a Ph.D. degree in pharmaceutical science following. I started taking adderall about 13 years ago while an undergraduate chemistry student who had struggled in my earlier years due to ADD. It was literally like someone turning on a light when I began medication. To give an example of how different my mind worked without medication. Most people can sit in class and listen to a lecture and take notes while following an instructor writing on a classroom board while instructing. I honestly couldn’t understand how people could both listen and take notes. When I would take notes from the board, it was like I was deaf to anything discussed. Conversely, if I listened to the instructor, I could not take notes. There was no way I could do both…not even a little. I honestly could not figure out how other people seemingly kept such great lecture notes and listenened to the lecture in a meaningful way. No wonder I struggled as a child with even the most fundamental classroom learning. This is a very simple explanation in how an ADD mind works. When I began getting medicated not only could I listen and take notes, but I actually followed the professor’s methodical instruction. Even so, I still had to tape record all my chemistry classes and relisten to them every day while rewriting my notes. But I was rewarded with nearly straight A’s when previously I had been failing. My dosage is and has been 90mg a day and I see no reason to live without the medication. While I go off it for periods of 45-60 days every so often, I notice no issues with drug dependence. I look at it like this, your body is one big chemical reaction that sometimes needs help whether it is high blood pressure, depression or in my case ADD. Those that feel they have ADD regardless of age, I highly recommend that you educate yourself and see a doctor as it can have a profound effect on your life.


  18. I agree that the abuse of Adderall is becoming a problem. As a college student, however, I understand the unnerving pressure that comes from the need to maintain a high GPA. Not only do students get it from their parents, but even professors are now emphasizing more and more the need to have a high GPA in order to land a good job upon graduation. It is no wonder that students are turning to Adderall so that they can keep studying even after they have worn themselves out doing so. I’m not saying that unauthorized use of Adderall by college students is OK, only that there are many people who criticize but don’t fully understand the situation at hand.


  19. Thinking about colleges and careers. I know the military isn’t for everyone, but it’s out of the question if you take adderall. Also many other types of licensed careers. No one will give a straight answer about the way this prescription (and ADD diagnosis) can possibly limit your choices in life. Any more info on this?


  20. It’s funny that adderall blogs are often far and away the best on the internet. Like ecstasy or meth, it seems to be really stimulating to talk or read about adderall when you’re on it. And since adderall is such a proactive and productive (sometimes counter-productive) drug all these blogs are huge; consistently being posted on for years with often long, direct, and purposeful posts. Only people on adderall could make a blog like this. Ha ha!


  21. I was told that I had it by my DR., and I never actually wanted to believe I did. That was about when i was 14, but I did notice I could not concentrate and I cant sit still at all, not to mention I get out of focus so often it was not funny.
    I had detention and Saturday school every possible day of the school year, and I did not blame it on my adhd I just thought it was me naturally. If you did not have anything I wanted to learn I was in my own world.
    I had a summer camp at 16 and I excelled in rock climbing, river rafting, horse riding, archery, golf, ceramics, leathery, and anything else that made you use your body. They even had a thing for me and a few other kids to do after the 10pm curfew. We did what they call “le Parkour” or freestyle running for an hour which let me sleep at night (5-25 miles). (our counselor had adhd as well so he understood and wouldn’t take his adderall). Id be awake at 5 or 6 in the am and go run some more. The problem now is that I work and go to school I cant do all of these things so I am always acting like an adhd kid. I was so active they gave me weight gainers to suffice for the calories I lost, I wasn’t fat but wasn’t skinny lol.

    Now I am in college and it is really hard as the only class I liked was psy 101 and i only passed b/c I wrote a 28 page paper on S. F. which earned me 489 pts out of 200 so I was excited.

    I took adderall xr that I had from a while ago and now I can concentrate like no other. EVERYTHING seems interesting and life works so much better. I can take notes and actually learn and not be distracted. I just took one about an hour ago bc I work a 430-9 shift and am able to type this. It really helps me as I truly have this disorder or whatever it is, but those kids that do it bc it gives them energy I am really jealous as it just makes me normal. I kind of wish I could get the same effect you do lol. But then again If I don’t eat 4000 calories a day I turn into a flippin twig so maybe its not that bad at all 😉

    School is starting again and I am prepared with my adderall xr which i have a Dr. approved bottle of. So I say Peperdine here I come and ill bring my miracle drug with me lol!


  22. I work all day long in a pharmacy, and have seen the negative and positives of any stimulant. if you feel the need to take ritalin, adderall or any other stimulant, the only thing i advise to do is talk to your doctor, be honest with him. Tell him the reason why you think the drug is right for you. If it is learning problems, he might write a prescription for you, thus you taking the medication will be legal. Who knows, this stimulant can be harming you in the long run, only your doctor or pharmacist can be sure that it is safe for you to take. I don’t mean to annoy or hurt anybody here, i’m just posting what i have learned from experience in a pharmacy.


  23. PLZ LISTEN…maybe my words can help you!!!!.i am not hear to bash or praise adderall, i was tested in kindergardn for add, my teacher said i was the worst case she ever seen, my mother didn’t want to accept that there was anything wrong with her “BOY”, being from arkansas that is a typical redneck mentality…it took me until i was 26 years old and many failed attempts at college and massive times of drug abuse for dealing with my depression to finaly see a doctor for my head and add. so leand me about 5 min of your time and maybe i can help. here it goes…
    first i thought i am never gonna be able to function so i am gonna give up and start drawing disability. i started down that road, seeing councler , shrinks and all kind of other ppl to test me for disability, thank god one of my counclers brought up have you tryed going to school while taking a.d.d meds, i said no, i spent many years of my life on meth and it helped, i doubt they will right me that, besides that fact that i had quit meth about 3 years and start doing oxys, i spent 2 years shooting up oxys, then the last year taking methadone to get off oxys. ~~~~ by the way it is 10x harder to get off methadone and it takes about 5x or more as long for the withdrawls and detox prosess than oxys~~~~~,, the only thing that would make the withdrawl symptoms go away was the occasionl days i would do meth,,, in my early 20’s maybe 21 i tryed adderall, i am 26 now, when i tryed it i was on meth alot so of course it didn’t seem like anything noticable… well to sum it up i got adderall written to me…. for the first time in my life i feel alive… i am not sayin that everyone should go out and get adderall, but if you have trouble comprehending your readings and staying focused on reading or when you read sometihing it takes you a lot longer that most others, talk to a free councler in a town near you, it might just save your life as it did mine, i am more motivated, my depression is gone, my opiat adiction got kicked (and i thought that was gonna be imposible),..i am the person i want to be, all because to cleaned my life up and got on adderall. yes there are bad things about abusing adderall or any stimulant, but it maybe the only way…… don’t be scared to try medication cos you don’t wanna feel like you are stupid, or disabled or retarded,.its ok to need medication, don’t feel stupid…get off the illeagal drugs and quick fixes and get on the medication you need, i needed addarall, it is not for everyone, just give it or ritalin at try to help you, honestly takeing 2 20 mg ritalin is what i had to start on, cos i had to do it by the books to get adderall, it is not EASY to get it written, i am so so so glad i put the effort into it, it was my last ditch effort to live the life i wanted, it worked, it works, ……STAND UP AND BE THE PERSON YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO BE, ATTERALL HELPED ME BE THAT PERSON, MAYBE IT WILL HELP YOU TO, MAYBE…… who ever reads my rediculously long post, i hope i have helped you,…be safe, be smart, live…….live


  24. Adderall IS amazing for studying. It gives you such a rush of ambition. The first time I took it I was so thrilled about how I cleaned the entire house and finished a week of homework in just one evening. I don’t use adderall regularly, and haven’t for a few months now. I am studying for the SAT and am going to start using it again to help. It’s wonderful if you don’t become too into it. Set a limit for yourself and stick to it. Don’t allow for yourself to become dependent. I know it’s not that simple, but use common sense.

    About pressure to perform well.. It is so true that everywhere there is competition and someone telling you to do better. It is great, but sometimes the pressure is too much to handle. Learning vs getting the grade: When I was using adderall, the information wasn’t just applied to my studies/exam and then lost. The information was attained and stored in long term memory even when I was on the drug. I agree that it is better to actually learn, rather than just get the grade, but still… the pressure!


  25. im addicted to adderral and i love it ive been taking it for 2 years now and i take one pill everyday or everyother day depending on how much i have. im dont have add/adhd but i believe i do…
    so if your having issues weather taking it or now contact me


  26. I am a sophmore in college and my freshman year i almost failed out of my university because i never made time to study and when i would study i would end up just getting distracted and not getting anything done. during the summer i went to my doctor and told her i was worried for the up coming year because i was constantly feeling stressed about my grades and worried i would fall into the same trap. She prescribed me Stratera which i took for about a month but could never sleep more than about 4 hours a night. I went back and she precribed me Adderall which I have really mixed feelings about…The amazing thing is that i can sit in the library and study for 8 hours and get everything i need to done without even noticing the time! I have Aced all of my tests and get my homework done and turned in on time every day. (this is something totally new to me) The thing i dont like about it though is that I never feel the sameway I used to. I feel sort of disconnected and lightheaded/dizzy. Which could be from NEVER eating since the adderall has completly gotten rid of my appetite…which has almost made me anorexic (not by choice) but food never looks good and when i do eat i can only eat a few bites. Its nice to have lost some weight (about 10lbs in a month 1/2) but it scares me that i feel so coked out all the time. I dont know…i love how good im doing in school but some of the side effects i can see becoming worse than getting bad grades…I think its crazy how freely they give the stuff out to. All you do is go to your doctor and say you cant concentrate and WHAM you have a prescription just like that. I can completely see how people want it and become addicted to it. its sort of scary!


  27. My cousin took adderral so he could stay up for a long drive. When he got where he was going, he took sleeping pills so he could fall asleep. He slipped into a coma and died a day later. I used to take it to help me study in college as well but I’ve learned that messing with drugs is playing with fire. Everybody’s bodies react differently to medicine so ppl need to wake up because it’s not worth your life.


  28. Okay so i actually read the majority of this page… which would be the entire collection of all your blogs about adderall. first of i am 20 years old. I have been taking Adderall XR for about a year now. At first i took it cause my boyfriend gave me some of his to do a book report that had been due in like 2 days which i did and got an A on it(300+ pg book 4 pages report). Jan 07 i decided i should get some of my own. my dr prescribed me the med and diagnosed me with ADHD. I havent actually been prescribed a new bottle since May because i requested to not recieve anymore and to try to find something natural that worked for me.

    SO now i have 3 20mg pills of adderall XR left from my may 07 prescription. after college was out for the summer i completely stopped taking it, i wanted to save it for when i needed it because the only positive effect i gained was concentration in my classes. after i stopped taking it, about a month later i was back to my old self…well i was beginning to be. so i only took these pills twice a week, the 2 days that i go to school. i cant wait until they are gone because i can move on with my life.

    so i came to this blog for encouragment. i say that because i have had some of those negative side effects many dont experience. in which is why i told my doctor that i no longer wanted any controlled substance to treat me.
    here is a list of the side effects that drove me away from this drug…

    it got so bad i was freaking myself out. i would be in the shower and i couldnt close my eyes cause i pictured a horrifying clown on the other side of the curtain.
    i use to be able to sleep in complete darkness, but now i MUST have some light. if i dont then i stay awake paraniod about what is going “to get me” (this is still something that affects me. hopefully one day i can be normal again)
    oh my god these were the worst anybody could imagine. persistant and frequent.
    couldnt sleep. i could never sleep
    -chain smoking
    its like you “only smoking while you drink” yet while i was taking adderall i was smoking WORSE than i would if i had been completely wasted.
    -moody, irritated, short-tempered, lonely…
    i was a bitch once the pill began to wear off. if i took another one it just made me more of a bitch. the smallest thing irritated me. and i disconnected myself from the world.
    my family, my friends and my boyfriend noticed that i was not the hyper sarcastic bubbly girl i was anymore. my dad was even afraid to talk to me.

    overall this medication altered my entire life. i have finished my perscription because i didnt want to give them away, i wanted to somehow benefit from what was left for my school work. in which i have. the only positive thing i have gotten from this “magic pill” is concentration and weight loss.

    so really i guess i came to this blog for encouragement, and it feels good knowing that i am not the only one. i know that some take adderall then they get psychosis symptoms and they just get prescribed different meds for that. but as soon as i got those side effects i KNEW it was this drug. i know that im not crazy. i had never felt like that before this drug, and it just so happens that once i start taking it the symptoms pop up? yeah right. people that take adderall DONT REALIZE it IS THE ADDERALL. NOT YOU.
    my major is psychology. im going all the way to be a psychiatrist and i will not prescribe this medication. that is my goal. i am going to make a difference because i feel this med has ruined my life…and obviously many others as well.
    i know for some it has helped but you are ruining your body and your heart. adderall IS NOT the only answer. for the ones that abuse it, your an idiot. you want to snort adderall? who wants to ruin more of thier well-being for a high? i never used this med to get high, i used it for school. and i should have stopped once i noticed how it began to alter my whole self. i dont understand how cocaine can be illegal, yet they will put the same thing in a little pill and give it to children? that is the dumbest thing i have EVER heard of. who gives their child narcotics!

    anyway. this is my short story. i know that for you that feel adderall has helped, it may has helped but your damaging your whole body inside. this drug needs to be banished. just like in canada. they banished it. america needs to do the same. nobody even cares about their health anymore. and thats sad.


  29. you all need to grow up and get off this shit. this is the worse product ever, and im just waiting for a class action lawsuit to get started. you don’t realize it now, cuz you been gone so long. when your dead, or lose it all, then you’ll know. its fucked up my brothers life. was 25, easy going, got along with others, laid back. his wife thought he had add cuz he wasnt doing well in nursing school. so dr. patel in olean gave him the med. ever since then, it has casued him to do things that he would never have done. he is on a hitlist, for gambling addiction due to adderall. he lost his home, marriage, car, no job, etc. thanks to adderall which you all turned into sum party drug. fda needs to pull this now before more lives ar eruined, and deaths. if oyu want join class action suit, get ahold of me. till then grow up, losers.


  30. Reading all the comments posted above, I have no idea where to begin. I have been in a 12 step program for 21 months and just started taking Adderall. I didn’t want to take a stimulant but Strattera didn’t seem to be helping much. I went back to school after 20 years and always had problems with focusing so I got tested of ADD. Now add on to that alcohol and drug abuse problems. I wanted to make sure I was on the same playing field as the rest of the college kids when it came to my learning ability. The very first pill of Adderall I knew my addictive personality was off and running. The red flags were there! Yet I did not use my tools of the program. I’ve gone back to school to become a counselor in addictions. I want to give back to those professions who have made me understand my demons. Yes, I do believe that there is a need for Adderal. I do believe Doctors are given it out far too easliy. I had a doctor who I felt would give me almost anything because I was able to read the PDR. This is a red flag to change doctors! I do not want my children on this drug. I feel with 80% chance of them becoming addicts (genetics) they do not need a stimulant in their developing minds. I’ll change their diet, envirnoment, and or school. This is just my belief.
    I too noiced that from the comments above that the people who loved Adderal were new to it. Those who have had life changing events and not for the good, my heart goes out to you. The pain in your stories come through loud and clear. Thank you for your honesty. As to the girl who suffers from paranoia, I can relate and good luck to you. For the young man who has a gambling addiction. There are 12 step programs for that and how to deal with an alcoholic parent. To the mom who lost a child. I too lost a child. It took me nine years of self abusing hell to find out why I lost this beautiful baby girl. The best wishes only for you. I’m sorry I don’t want to affend anyone, however, anyone taking Adderall for pure “fun” is an idiot! I know the temptation that looks new and fun in what may be a boring and painful life but their are tools to learn other than self abusing methods. Good luck to all.


  31. I began taking Adderall last September after i talked to my doctor about feeling unmotivated and having a hard time concentrating on my school work. After a simple questionaire i was prescribed 20mg two times daily to treat ADD. As a Sophmore in college i came back up to school and at the beginning the Adderall worked wonders on my concentration and my ability to keep my schedule together. However, I felt myself becoming a completely different person. I no longer felt like the happy bubbly popular girl i was known as being, i suffered from horrible headaches, could never sleep for more than 4 or 5 hours a night, felt absolutly exhausted every day even though i could never fall asleep, I became a machine who just went threw the motions everyday with no emotion. I took the pills religiously as prescribed until the middle of December when i went back home for Christmas break. I figured i needed to take some time off from the pills since i wouldn’t be doing any studying and just had about a month to relax and try to feel like myself again. Unfortunatly, it only worsened. I became horribly depressed and felt like i had no passion for life anymore, i would cry at the drop of a hat and was always really bitchy and in a mad mood. My mom told me that she thought that the pills i was taking had stolen my personality and was making me go crazy. (that was really hard to hear!) I am still prescribed to the medication and am trying my hardest to completely stop taking them and hopefully regain my love for life and happiness. Now i rarely take them and only if i have alot of things to get done. I know that sounds horrible but Adderall will alter your mind into thinking that you cant get things done with out it. Its a horrible drug that ruins peoples lives. DO NOT take adderall recreationally or even just to pull all nighters to study. Its very addictive and your a fool if you will sacrifice yourself and everything important to you to get a high at a party or to get a little better of a grade on a test. This drug is prescribed much to easily and doctors should really be more caring about the well being of the patients and have a little more of an in depth evaluation before just handing it out like candy and masking a problem!


  32. I have been prescribed Adderall for ten years. I was prescribed Ritalin for two years before switching to Adderall. Regarding the Adderall, my initial dosage was 10 mg instant release daily. I increased the dosage to 12.5 mg instant release twice daily in high school. My Freshman year of college I increased my dosage yet again to 15 mg twice daily. I abused Adderall in the later months of my Freshman year, taking 15 mg pills as many as five times daily. I would drink heavily to get to sleep. This year, after going through a train-wreck of an experience where I did not sleep for four days, I stopped taking Adderall for about a month. Realizing that my abuse of the drug was instigated by my underlying depression and discontent with myself and life, I started taking Zoloft to get back on track. Now I am taking 30 mg of Adderall twice daily with 200 mg of Zoloft once daily and I am sleeping well, accomplishing my goals and getting good grades. Adderall has done great things for sufferers of ADD/ADHD like myself, yet has a high abuse potential when the patient is not self-aware. Although I did become heavily psychologically addicted to Adderall last year, the experience has made it physically clear to me that I had mistaken the good that I saw in taking Adderall for the good that was actually inside me. My brain is even more capable than has ever been before, but this is only maintainable if I strictly adhere to my prescription and frequently take breaks from the medication. Adderall is not for those who do not actually have ADD, though it will not harm them if used extremely sparingly. For those with ADD, it is extremely important to know that personal motivation is the biggest factor in utilizing the Adderall. Although “medicine breaks” can help reduce tolerance via the brain’s neuroplasticity, building up a tolerance to the drug is inevitable yet manageable. By taking too much Adderall for very long periods of time without allowing recovery, the patient is actually worsening their own condition because no amount of Adderall can replace personal motivation and natural energy. Basically, my message is that if anyone has abused Adderall in the past and has ADD–it is still possible to use Adderall responsibly and have it be as effective as it was prior to the period of abuse. For me, it took going into the extremes of taking Adderall to realize that the “optimal mental state” that I had achieved and was constantly trying to rereach, was not all a product of Adderall. Rather, by embodying that state in the pill, I was making it psychologically impossible to comprehend that 95% of my mental ability was already naturally a part of me. The Adderall just helps connect the dots for sustained periods of time–a task that is extraordinarly difficult for those with ADD/ADHD. Anyway, excuse me for rambling… I coming out of a cold that has put my head in a fog.


  33. OK, you people talking about crashing are just being dramatic. Adderall definitely increases your ability to think, remember and it will make you a more successful person. Be smart about using it though. Use it when you don’t have to sleep. I find if I take a 10 then I can sleep within 6 hours. So take it at 5 and sleep at 11. I have never ever woke in the morning and felt like I had a hang over, anyone who says that is being dramatic. Given though I have only taken a 10 in the morning then a 10 in the afternoon. It will help you. It is addicting. If you only take one a day and ween yourself off but taking one every other day or so, you will be fine. As far as depression, I personally have never felt it. I think it has helped with any depression I have ever had and has made me a more confident person. I am not saying this to get anyone to do it or anything like that. I am just trying tp put the rest all the drama some people are saying. I think if your responsible about using is and understand that you will need to ween yourself off of it, the benefits far outweigh the downfalls.


  34. I have ADD and a very bad bad case of it all my friends at school say wow dude you have the worse case of ADD i have ever seen and i just laugh and say thanks. i am a sophomore in high school and have been taking medicine since 3rd grade the first neurologist i went to was a phsyco he prescribed me with epilepsies pills! then he prescribed me with a generic alza or something like that, after this i actually went to a not dumb neurologist in about 8th grade because my grades were so bad 7th through 8th i went to a guy named Dr. Robert Kohn he is the most brilliant doctor i have ever talked to his ideas went beyond just trying different medicines to see what happens, together we found a perfect medicine from 8th grade till the end of freshman year i had been taking Adderall XR, with this medicine i had no appetite but incredible focus in the summer i wouldn’t take it because i would be like a stick if i did. up until sophomore year in HS Adderall was working great but it all the sudden just stopped so me and Dr.Kohn tried this new stuff called Vyvanse this stuff worked miracles now i am getting a 4.0 and never been better. seriously if your going to take a ADD medicine take this shit it is absolutely amazing! this is my doctors site i was talking about if you wanna visit it and poke around


  35. I would like to know, if Adderal is so bad, why would all of your doctors give it to you by simply asking for it? I am finding it hard to believe that a doctor will just prescribe something so horrible to a teenager just because he asked? Aren’t there tests for ADD/ADHD that have to be done before a prescription can be processed?


  36. Im seriously thinking about trying this drug…This sounds to good to be true, and if I could just use it to get through this last semester, I would be content…


  37. I have been perscibed Adderall XR for narcolepsy. If I had a choice I would use Provigil less side effects and no chemical dependency, my insurance will not cover it because there are other therapies such as adderall…. I cannot afford $900 for a month persciption of provigil. All the people abusing Adderall XR and others are just going to make it harder for the people who need the drug. Think about your family members and children who may need the drugs one day. It would suck if they could not receive Adderall XR or any other drug for their medical condition because of your drug habbit.


  38. does adderall hurt you if you try to take it when you want to win a sports game, like if you took one 30 mg to win a soccer game, to get more motivation, or is it bad because your heart is beating a lot?


  39. I’m 16 and prescribed. 30mg.
    Loveddd the loss of weight. And my grades went up like hellll but like..even right now at 6pm, I’m so depressed.
    Restless is actually what I am. NEED to get out of the house or take the car somewhere. You just need to leave!!
    You tweek out completely. And then if your in my situation and you cannot take the car and go anywhere, you just start crying!! Honestly!…crying! And the thing is, is that you KNOW its the adderal. Not you thats freakin out. But you still can’t stop wanting to hit someone ahah. If anyoneeeeeeeeeee knows how to stop this, please inform me ha


  40. Adderall is by far the most appealling drug on the market. At my South-eastern costal university, ADD and ADHD drugs are used by almost everyone. my personal pill of choice is the 20 MG Adderall XR, which comes in a capsule that can be opened and crushed and snorted. I also enjoy 20 MG instant release Adderall as well as the new drug Vinase, which was mentioned in the article as the new Adderall like drug. though it can not be snorted, the high MG doses make it easy to get jacked up on taking just a few. Though i dont, i often see other people taking and snorting other drugs like ritalin, focalin, concerta, and stratera. i personally dont like them because they arent amphetamine based, and i need the amphetamines to get jacked. prices around here are about 3-4 dollars for 20 MG XR Adderall during the down time, and up to about 8 during exam time. as for overdose, im not sure. i frequently take up to about 140 MG of adderall in a day, mostly snorted but some taken. ive taken large amounts of adderall in combination with Ecstasy as well, which had no negative effects. have fun!!


  41. I think it’s important to note that the reason that people end up taking such ridiculous doses – needing such ridiculous doses – is because they start too big. Adderall, amphetamines, whatever you care to call it, promotes by its very nature tolerance. If you’ve never taken it before, its best to start with a *very* small dose, say 5mg. Weight/Size/Stature has nothing to do with how Adderall will effect your productivity because it is all mental, it works in your brain without regard for your body. Therefore, you do NOT need more if you are bigger or weigh more. It will work, *you* will work, you’ll get a buzz, you’ll get the high. That being said, the physical side effects DO depend on dose and body size, and they can get pretty nasty, including cardiac arrest (Heart Attack). I don’t say that to scare anyone, just for full disclosure and to encourage you to start with a reasonable dose.
    So, start with a 5mg dose, and take it as you sit down to work on a project, paper, assignment, whatever. (I don’t recommend Adderall for use in a party setting just because it can be HELLA dangerous in combination with alcohol – it makes it REALLY easy to give yourself alcohol poisoning, because you don’t feel ANY of the “bad” drinking feelings, just the silly nice feelings, so you feel like you can drink forever and you can’t. I’ve seen a friend have very serious health troubles because of a situation very similar, and I wouldn’t want anyone else to experience the hell s/he went through. So, I recommend it only as a Studdy Buddy, and I accept its use recreationally though I don’t like it, but I recommend against its use with alcohol.) Make yourself start working, and between 20 minutes and an hour later, depending on the person, it will kick in. You will work faster, smarter, longer. If, after 2 hours, you don’t feel anything or if the effect was mild, you may need to try adding another 5 mg, for 10 total. Nobody should need to start on more than 10. If you took the first 5 at say midnight, then you can take then next 5 anytime before 4am and you will still get the effect of all 10 in my experience.
    Okay, so you’ve taken your 5 or 10 mg dose, you get a TON of work done, and you decide to use it again the next time you have a big project. The SAME dose will work for you again. But, after you use it regularly, i.e. every day for a week, every other for a couple of weeks, you will begin to see a reduction in its effectiveness. This is when you up the dose, very slightly. I recommend an increase of 2.5 grams, because it’s easy to split a 5mg pill in half and a 10mg pill in quarters for this purpose. You will probably have to keep doing this every few weeks for awhile, until you hit a plateau, probably somewhere between 20 and 40mg for a 5-8 hour study period. The point is, if you start with 5mg, that plateau will be 20-40mg. If you STARTED with 20mg, that plateau might be at 100mg or higher. And, as time goes on, the plateau will start to inch up again, from 20 to 25 or from 30 to 40. Again, if you had started with 20mg or higher, that plateau would be reaching for 150mg, the on-the-record, FDA-sanctioned “lethal daily dose” for a 250 pound person.
    Not only is it safer, in regards to avoiding cardiac arrest and other potentially fatal side effects, to start with lower amounts so that your plateau will be lower, a lower tolerance/plateau means that if you are, as I assume, obtaining Adderall on the street or from a friend or in some other non-price-controlled manner – i.e. you’re not getting it from a pharmacy, where the prices are set by pharmaceutical companies – you will pay less. Much less. For example, someone I know uses Adderall illicitly, and they pay $8 per 15mg pill. Someone else I know pays 10$ per 15 mg pill. So, assuming you are lucky and don’t live in Morningside Heights, New York City, where Columbia students are known for having more money than brains (which is saying something), you can get a 15mg pill for $5, or about .33cents/mg. If your plateau was a nice round 30mg, it would cost you $10 per 5-8 hour study day. Lets say you have 3 such days a week throughout the academic semester, and 5 during midterms and finals. Your cost is $30 per week for the 13 normal weeks of the semester, plus $50 per week for the 2 exam weeks, for a total cost of $490/semester or $980/academic year. Wow. Expensive Habit (or necessity), right? Right. But, if you start with a higher dosage of 20mg and end up at a nice round 90mg plateau, your cost goes up to $30 per study day. Using the same calculations as above, that makes your semester cost $1470, and your academic year cost $2940. Can anyone say, “Hello, extra student loan!” ? (Note: Complete JOKE! I do NOT advocate taking out loans of any sort to pay for psychoactive substances of any sort. If you cannot afford it, please, please, PLEASE do not put yourself in a situation of doing something unethical, illegal, or self-demeaning for a psychoactive substance.)
    So, basically, starting at a lower dose can save you almost $2000 a year! (Remember, thats based on a price of $.33/mg. Prices in New York and other metropolitan areas, and in college and university neighborhoods especially, can be as much as twice that much, and sometimes even 3 times that much.)
    NOTES: All Adderall use in this comment by its author was legal, obtained at a pharmacy with the prescription of a Licensed Medical Professional. All other substance use shall be considered hypothetical, as shall any speculation on the street price of said substance(s). The advice contained herein is NOT the advice of a Medical Professional, nor of someone trained in any way to professionally deal with the situations depicted. Please consult a Licensed Medical Professional before obtaining or using any substance, and only use substances that *are* prescribed to you in the manner in which you were instructed. (i.e. Do not insulfate (snort) substances which were meant to be orally ingested, do not smoke substances that were not meant to be smoked, etc.)


  42. Oh, by the way: Yes, that ridiculously long discourse of sorts was written under the symbolic “auspices” of Adderall. That just proves that Adderall doesn’t eliminate procrastination. It just makes it more focused, and sometimes, MORE time consuming… 😛 Note that though I am a longtime user of the substance (by prescription, of course, though I don’t neccesarily follow the daily dosage schedule, preferring to dose myself), I have used only 30mg in the last 7.5 hours, and the dose I currently on will last at least another 4. See the benefits of starting small? 12 hours of concentration cost a hypothetical $20 at the ridiculously inflated CU price, as opposed to a hypothetical $120 if I had started out with a higher dose and my plateau was now over 100mg/5-8 hours.


  43. I am a Junior in highschool and I have barely started this whole adderall phase, have tried it once or twice before with scary results. My heart was pounding and beating randomly. i said it was a bad idea and wouldnt do it again. I then took more of course 2 days ago. I have no tolerance and started off with 30 mg in the morning, left to smoke some weed, and then 30 mg more later in the afternoon. i was up all nite and couldnt wait for more. got ready early took 45 mg this time and brought 30 mg with me which i took a couple hours later. waited a little after gettin home and took 45 mg more . fun days. its now 4 in the morning and i think im gonna miss my second day of sleep. my arms are bright red i guess from my blood pressure increase, and they have a throbbing feeling slightly. I’ve been getting this wierd icy shivering feeling in my head, which just takes over my whole head if i rub or massage my head. i can still feel my heart pounding somewhat and my chest just kinda aches (not too bad). I have eaten but not as much as usual. ive had a shitty highschool cheeseburger the first day, and a single slice of pizza today. im having random muscles/nerves twitch. im not quite sure why i keep burping at least every once half hour when ive barely had any food. I’ve actually forgot to breathe (very briefly). If im still getting some of the good high effects currently, im worried what the complete crash is going to be.


  44. Adderall is a stimulant medication created specifically to treat ADHD, which is a real disorder that many people DO have. For those of you who say, “Oh, anyone can learn if they work harder! Back in the old days…” you need to do some research, because it is people like you who prevent others from getting psychological treatment when they need it. People who suffer from ADHD often work just as hard as anyone else. In fact, they can spend three times the amount of time and energy than someone without the disorder and still find it difficult to accomplish the same task. There is a chemical imbalance that hard work and good ol’ fashioned studyin’ won’t fix. Some forms of therapy can be useful in helping childen find ways of dealing with their ADHD, but this doesn’t eliminate the problem. For adults with the disorder, therapy is pretty ineffective because most people have already adapted to performing a certain way. Yes, people abuse adderall. Yes, it can be addictive if it is not taken exactly as prescribed. And admittedly, in can be fatal for some people-as is the case with ANY substance. But for the majority of people, even the amount needed to overdose is extreme, and more than even the most frequent abuser might take. There are NO proven damaging long term effects of adderall. And for those who talk about the restlessness and irritable associated with the adderall wearing off; maybe you should try a smaller dosage.


  45. Well, I feel sorry for you all who seem to love the adderall “high”. I was a daily methamphetamine user for over 10 years. I quit 2 years ago. I have snorted, smoked, shot, drank, illegal uppers all my adult life just to get the will to live. I am a “manic depressant”, bi-polar, or whatever. I really needed a boost to get me going and just bear life. When I had to quit meth due to legal reasons and insanity, literally meaning insanity, I lost the will to live again. I turned into a reclusive hermit after 10 years of hard partying and never wanting to be home, I couldn’t even bring myself to leave the couch. My psychiatrist finally gave me ritalin. I had O.K. results but it made me very cranky and also terrible headaches every morning. I used it though and eventually got used to it, somewhat. I wanted to get away from the headaches so I began taking adderall. It is a much gentler drug on the body in my opinion. I’m not grouchy all day, I can arrange my thoughts, no more headaches. So, what I’m saying is, all of you “hardcore adderall addicts” are full of it. Yes you could stay up cramming on it, but I don’t see anybody turning into an adderall junkie. I asked for ritalin from a doctor a decade ago, I wonder if I would have got it back then like I should have if I would’ve turned into such a mess. I seriously doubt it. So you people who abuse the legal drugs that some people need and brag about it so it makes it harder to get; you know what you can go do to yourself. It aint the medicine that’s the problem it’s the user. I mean your all like ya’hoo I’m cool. Your just idiots.


  46. I just started taking Adderall xr for 2 days now. I had to go through 3 different meds. genreic ritilan, Folcain and another one, but they all made me jittery like I drank to much coffee. Because of medical ins. I had to get the generic brands. So I heard great things (and bad) about Adderall , but I have taken 10mg and I still feel jittery and hungery too ? I don’t understand, this sucks. I do horrible on consintrating, fosucing, can’t sit in class for a long time I get to figity, all the add stuff. It might be that I have to give it more time?( it’s only been 2 days)but I thought it was supposed to work instandly. I just don’t see all the hype about Adderall. To be honest, I was hopeing to lose weight with it because of all the weight lose people have been raving about! Do anybody else get like this?


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