abstract deadline for biological modeling meeting

“January 15th is the abstract submission deadline for the the first annual meeting for realistic biological modeling in San Antonio Texas, March 31st – April 2nd, 2005. (Wam-Bamm*05).”

> January 15th is the abstract submission deadline for the the first
> annual
> meeting for realistic biological modeling in San Antonio Texas, March
> 31st
> – April 2nd, 2005. (Wam-Bamm*05).
> The meeting is specifically focused on realistic biological modeling,
> rather than more abstract approaches to neural computation, with an
> emphasis both on scientific results and technical issues. Although it
> is
> being held in association with the second GENESIS Users Meeting
> (GUM*05)
> all computational biologists, not only those using GENESIS, are
> invited to
> present scientific as well as technical work. Only an abstract is
> required
> for meeting presentation. In particular we would encourage modelers
> using
> NEURON to attend and meet Michael Hines, developer of the NEURON
> modeling
> system.
> The first day of the meeting will be devoted to Tutorials including:
> Introduction to realistic neural modeling: Dr. David Beeman,
> University of
> Colorardo
> The NEURON simulator – recent developments: Dr. Michael Hines,
> Yale University
> From experiment to simulation – a case study: Dr. Dieter Jaeger,
> Emory University
> Controlling complex synaptic input patterns: Jeremy Edgerton,
> Emory University
> Modeling calcium and biochemical reactions: Dr. Avrama Blackwell,
> George Mason University
> Constructing large networks in GENESIS: Dr. Michael Vanier, Caltech.
> Parameter searching in GENESIS: Dr. Michael Vanier, Caltech
> Parallel (P-) GENESIS: Greg Hood, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
> XML for model specification: Dr. Sharon Crook, Arizona State
> University
> Building 3D network models with neuroConstruct: Padraig Gleeson,
> University College London
> The next two days will be devoted to invited speakers as well as
> contributed presentations primarily in poster form.
> Confirmed Invited Speakers include:
> Dr. Michael Hauser, University College London, “Model-based studies
> of cerebellar cortical circuitry”
> Dr. Michael Hasselmo, Boston University, “Modeling the role of
> entorhinal
> cortex, prefrontal cortex and hippocampus in memory guided behavior”
> Dr. Charles Wilson, University of Texas, San Antonio, “A model of
> autonomous irregular firing and bursting in striatal cholinergic
> interneurons”
> Dr. Larry Parsons, University of Sheifield, “what can realistic
> modeling tell us about cognitive function?”
> Dr. Graham Cummins, Center for Computational Biology, Montana State
> University, “Parameter estimation in realistic models of cricket
> dendrites”
> The deadline for abstract submission is January 15th, and the deadline
> for early registration at reduced rates is February 1st.
> Please visit the meeting website: http://www.WAM-BAMM.org to register,
> submit abstracts and for other general meeting information.
> Hope to see you in San Antonio this spring.
> Jim Bower
> Dave Beeman
> —
> James M. Bower Ph.D.
> Research Imaging Center
> University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
> 7703 Floyd Curl Drive
> San Antonio, TX 78284-6240
> Cajal Neuroscience Center
> University of Texas San Antonio
> Phone: 210 567 8080
> Fax: 210 567 8152

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