IBNS travel award apps due feb 7

The International Behavioral Neuroscience Society (IBNS) will have their
Annual Meeting June 1-5 in Santa Fe this year.
More information about the IBNS and the Annual Meeting can be found here:

Undergraduates, graduate students and postdocs can apply for a travel award
for this meeting, which consist of $1000 and waiving of the conference fee.
The deadline for travel award applications is February 7 (i.e. VERY SOON).

Requirements and application procedures are outlined below and can also be
seen at:



Dear Principal Investigator,

As the Chair of the Education and Training Committee of IBNS, I would like
to draw your attention to the Travel Award IBNS is offering to eligible
students to help them participate at the upcoming IBNS conference in Santa
Fe, USA. On average successful travel award recipients receive $1000 (US)
and their conference registration fee is waived. Undergraduate, graduate
and post-doctoral students may apply. Application deadline is February 07,

Successful travel award recipients are required to present a poster and a
short 8 min slide blitz. The application should include (1) the abstract of
the poster to be presented, (2) a personal statement (brief, one page
description of goals in behavioral neuroscience); (3) curriculum vitae; and
(4) a supporting letter from the applicant’s advisor, program director or
chair which includes a description of the role the applicant played in the
research (s)he will present. It is crucial that all these four items are

submitted by the deadline as incomplete or late applications will not be
considered. Also important, the student must be an IBNS member or must be
able to join IBNS and become its member (membership fee paid) prior to
submitting her or his application.

Once again, the application deadline (Feb 07, 2005) is rapidly approaching.

All materials should be submitted with a single e-mail sent to the IBNS
central office (ibns@ibnshomepage.org) and copied to me at

The Travel Award is not only a financial help but a great honor as these
applications have been highly competitive in the past. Thus on behalf of
the Education and Training Committee I would like to ask you to please
encourage your best students to apply and to also inform your colleagues who
may have eligible students about this opportunity. IBNS is an International
Society and although the meeting is held in North America we hope students
from all around the world will apply.

Happy New Year and I hope we will see you and your student(s) in Santa Fe.

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