RNI becomes Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience

Jeff Hawkins has just sent out an email to the Redwood Neuroscience Institute mailing list announcing that it’s moving to UC Berkeley and changing its name to the Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience. It will be directed by Bruno Olshausen. Jeff also mentions that he will now be working full-time on his brain-theory-inspired AI projects at Numenta.

Full letter after the jump.

Dear Friends of The Redwood Neuroscience Institute:

There have been some major changes underway at RNI. On July 1, RNI moved
from its current location in Menlo Park to a new home on the UC Berkeley
campus. It will now take on a new name, The Redwood Center for
Theoretical Neuroscience, and it will be administered through the Helen
Wills Neuroscience Institute at UC Berkeley.

Since its inception, RNI has had a strong connection with Berkeley. Bob
Knight, who directs the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute, has been a
supporter of RNI and served on our scientific board. RNI staff members
have taught classes at Berkeley. There have been numerous scientific
exchanges between the two institutions. In addition to the students who
have received fellowships from RNI, there are entering Berkeley graduate
students this fall who have expressed explicit interest in working at

In its new home, the Redwood Center also will be closer to world class
experimentalists, and the many advantages afforded by being located on a
major university campus.

Bruno Olshausen will be the new director of the Redwood Center. Bruno
has been at RNI from the beginning and has been a leader in creating the
programs and research agenda here. I can’t think of a better person to
run the new Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience at UC at

One of the reasons for moving RNI to Berkeley is that I have formed a
new business to develop tools and applications based on the theory in my
book, On Intelligence. Dileep George has extended this theory and shown
how we can build practical systems that solve outstanding problems in
computer vision and A.I. Along with Donna Dubinsky, Dileep is joining
me as a co-founder of the new company, which is called Numenta. To
learn more about Numenta, and to sign up for our newsletter, please
visit http://www.Numenta.com. In the future, information on Numenta will NOT
be sent to this list, so you must subscribe to the Numenta mailing list
in order to receive this information.

Current subscribers to the RNI email list will be automatically
transferred to the new email list for the Redwood Center. A new seminar
series and other programs will be getting underway in the fall, and you
will continue to be notified of these events. If you do not wish to be
transferred to the new list, please email your request to

To learn more about the Redwood Center, please visit the new website at

Thank you for you attention and continued support, and please join me in
wishing well to Bruno and the new Redwood Center.

– Jeff Hawkins

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