Knowledge management software for neuroscientists

Haven’t tried it but this free, open-source software called Neuroscholar seems interesting. The idea seems to be to provide an easy tool for collecting and comparing facts and interpretations across different papers. It uses a SQL database backend and some graph-like data representation for the front-end.

I’d be curious to hear about anyone’s experiences using it or any similar tools. I still have yet to find a good way to organize my PDFs…

From the website:

NeuroScholar is an open-source and is free for download from (click on Software > NeuroScholar ). We also have several demonstration movies available from the movies section to show the functionality of the system.

One thought on “Knowledge management software for neuroscientists

  1. NeuroWiki is another kind of knowledge management tool for neuroscientists. NeuroWiki is collaborative and easy to use — rather than providing a semantically typed schema for annotating research, NeuroWiki is just a website containing many interlinked pages of text which describe various aspects of neuroscience, as well as specific research papers and hypotheses. The members of the NeuroWiki community collaboratively write these pages.

    If you’ve heard of WikiPedia, NeuroWiki runs on similar software — the difference is that WikiPedia is for presenting established facts, whereas NeuroWiki is for discussing the cutting edge of research.


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