NYT: The Pablo Picasso Alzheimer's Therapy

The Pablo Picasso Alzheimer’s Therapy – New York Times

Interesting connection: Art appreciation seems to ease Alzheimer’s symptoms. Less memory loss. Less repetition.

Super interesting… there’s a lot to say here. There are of course many documented cases of particular brain lesions causing marked changes in personality or hobbies. But this appears to be something different. There is both an interest change (ie. people are more interested in art) but the neurological disease itself is somehow lessened (temporarily) by the interest itself.

The article mentions that there is very little research in the area. Does anyone know of any studies? It’s fascinating to think that such a simple, non-invasive therapy could be so powerful.

Either that, or it just means that art critics (“It’s like he’s trying to tell a story using words that don’t exist” — critic or patient?) have something in common with those with neurodegenerative disease. 🙂

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