Eugene Izhekevich of The Neurosciences Institute has started a peer-reviewed wiki that looks similar to “The Digital Universe,” featured in Nature earlier this month. Most of the topics deal with computational neuroscience, and judging by his latest book his contributions will be worth reading.



3 thoughts on “Scholarpedia

  1. Awesome. Scholarpedia looks like a great idea to me. Another idea occurred to me after I took a look at the site: Given their initial “invitation-only” period, I think it might take them some time to get enough peer-reviewed contributions to really get the ball rolling. I think Eugene should start with an established body of work, something like Arbib’s Encyclopedia of Brain Theory. It’s only a few years out of date and has a very diverse set of contributors. It would be great if MIT Press let them put it online. A little wishful thinking… 🙂


  2. Neville, why don’t you go over to Scholarpedia and post this as a comment there? I just posted one. I figure that a wiki founder can always use the encouragement of seeing that people are interested.


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