much-needed list

I’ve been thumbing through pubmed, online resources, and lab members’ collective consciences looking for a complete list of pharmacological agents acting on receptors (i.e. metabotropic glutamate receptors), phenomena (i.e. AMPA receptor desensitization), and any other players that can affect neurotransmission at the synapse. No such list seems to exist.

So, if you have some knowledge to contribute, please add to this list of agents and effects on a new wiki page. Warning: the current format is really simple (any improvements would be welcome), but it’s a first pass at a much needed electrophysiology resource.

— davematthews

of wikis and wizards

This week’s Nature features an idea called “The Digital Universe,” which hopes to organize and present peer-reviewed content (especially science) for public consumption online.
Preview the actual site here .

There’s some important criticism, especially of the business model, in the article…and you have to wonder about the creator, a wiki-disser and alien-watcher: “The driving force behind the project is ManyOne, a company headed by Joseph Firmage, who made a fortune in the 1990s from an Internet consulting company. He resigned in 1999 after the fallout from his book claiming that he had encountered extraterrestrials. Firmage says he vehemently opposes the ‘anyone can edit’ vision of Wikipedia. ‘Wikipedia is a very uninviting place for most intellectuals,’ he adds.”