Purely mechanical prosthetic foot with more natural gait

Artificial limbs that walk naturally

Not too much info about the device, but basically, without any active electronics, the foot has a natural enough gait that people do not notice it is a prosthesis. Pretty cool.

NeuroWiki: call for participation

What is NeuroWiki?

NeuroWiki is a wiki discussion forum about neuroscience research, especially theoretical, computational, and cognitive neuroscience. Neuroscience is an exploding field and it’s hard to keep track of. NeuroWiki will provide short, collaboratively written summaries of current research trends and ideas, with links to related papers and researchers — this will aid neuroscientists in keeping up with areas outside their specialty, and will allow researchers to learn about things related to their work that they would not have heard of otherwise. However, the best part of NeuroWiki will be the discussions spawned by these topics.

Like PLoS, NeuroWiki content will be “open content”, freely available for reuse in other projects.
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