Multidisciplinary Working Memory Studies Featured

A forthcoming issue of the journal Neuroscience is devoted to an examination of multidisciplinary approaches to the study of working memory within the field of Cognitive Neuroscience. Although the issue will not be released until late April, a detailed press release is available from the University of Washington at St. Louis.

From the article:

“Multidisciplinary research within cognitive neuroscience has established itself as a promising approach to answering the question of how the mind emerges from the working of the brain” […] “One of the fields that has gained substantially by successfully combining the theoretical frameworks, methodologies, empirical results and insights of the varied disciplines within cognitive neuroscience, is the study of working memory”

It goes on to describe a “pyramid approach” to multidisciplinary work in this area, which chiefly involves the merging of cognitive psychology, computational science, neuroscience, and cognitive neuropsychiatry.

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