Mountcastle/Hawkins prediction framework summary

For those who haven’t been able to take a look at Hawkins’s book On Intelligence, check out this very nice and brief summary here from 3 Quarks Daily.

The first few paragraphs are some basic introductory comments about neuroscience, so start a bit down the page…

One thought on “Mountcastle/Hawkins prediction framework summary

  1. I’m not entirely sure that this book, if accurately reviewed, will really be up my alley. It sounds as though it was written by someone who comes, as Hawkins does, from a strictly binary background. I appreciate the memory vs. computing strategy as well as the pattern recognition stuff and the heirarchical model, but there isn’t much mentioned regarding distributed modeling. At least not in the article. This may be just an artifact of the reviewer, however.

    Just my thoughts. A little simplistic on the reviewer’s part.


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