GABA in cosmetics to "freeze" skin

Take 10 Years Off My Face, in 60 Seconds – New York Times

Relevant details:

The company says the freezing effect comes from two ingredients: gamma aminobutyric acid, a substance found in the human nervous system that can block signals between nerves and muscles, and gynostemma pentaphyllum extract, derived from an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine. The company contends that gamma aminobutyric acid, a molecule that stays on the skin’s surface, activates smaller gynostemma molecules and sends them through the skin, where they signal muscles to relax, according to Gene Beilis, a pharmacist who is the vice president for product development at Freeze 24/7.

But the company has no scientific evidence to back up its claim that its products actually affect facial muscles.

And further down:

Mr. Beilis agreed that gamma aminobutyric acid is a powdery substance that coagulates when it dries, gripping the skin in place. Another ingredient in the product, eugenol, a clove derivative used in dentistry as an analgesic, “gives you a cool, numbing, tingling sensation,” he said.

4 thoughts on “GABA in cosmetics to "freeze" skin

  1. Companies use bismuth oxychloride (the real “ACTIVE” in 24/7) in their cosmetics because it is cheap to buy and is an inexpensive filler. It does have binding qualities, so makeup will “stick” to your skin, so to speak. There are other products that are just as effective at adhesion, and are better for your skin. Because of its molecular make up, it is often viewed as shiny or pearlescent. It is often sold in these two varieties. This makes it highly refractive, which is something companies want. Refraction will camouflage fine lines, wrinkles and discolorations. If you use a brand with bismuth oxychloride you’ll notice a shiny look after applying the makeup. Not like oiliness, but almost shimmery. That’s the bismuth oxychloride. No magic – just cheap cosmetic ingredient.


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