Psychology Wiki

A New Psychology resource, community built by psychologists and trainees, to unify the body of psychology information in one place:

Check it out, and if it interests you, please contribute, or review it on your blog.

Tom Michael, Mostly Zen – site admin

2 thoughts on “Psychology Wiki

  1. Out of curiosity: what is the advantage of removing it from being a subset of wikipedia itself? It seems that the ability to cross link psychology articles with other relevant disciplines — neuroscience, anatomy, psychiatry, medical devices, scanners, etc. — could be very valuable.


  2. The reason for bringing the material together outside of Wikipedia is to focus on an attempt to develop the material to a formal academic standard, drawing together all the references in the field and linking to full text where possible. This level of knowledge management and integration is beyond the encyclopedic aims of WP. Obviously your point about integration across disciplines is relevant and as you will see from the anatomy and genetics areas we hope to cover them in some detail too.We feel that WP is aimed more for the intelligent general reader. This is more an academic site with academic values, although we do hope that it will be accessible to interested parties, particularly the users of our services.


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