Job opening at Rutgers: programmer of neurocomputational models

Position Offered for Programmer or Postdoctoral Fellowship in Applied Neurocomputational Modeling of Learning and Memory

We seek to hire a full time Research Assistant/Programmer or Postdoctoral Fellow to work on computer programming projects developing and testing neurocomputational models of the brain circuits for learning and memory, especially the basal ganglia, frontal cortex, and hippocampal region.

[editor: this is an email fwd i received]

The applicant should be prepared and capable of working on applications of these models to two projects: (1) Applying these models to understand and predict the nature of memory and cognitive dysfunction in clinical brain disorders including Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, and stroke/amnesia; (2) Applying models to a broad range of applied engineering and Artificial Intelligence applications in control and cognition, to compare them to alternative computing methods for solving problems in robotic-control and pattern recognition.

We are open to hiring either a post-BA who would work for at least two years before going on to graduate school or a postdoctoral fellow with a PhD. In either case, it is desirable that the person have (1) very strong computer programming skills, (2) prior experience with mathematical and computational neural-nework models of brain and/or behavior, preferably with exposure and experience with neural-network models, and (3) strong English-language writing and speaking skills.

We are located in Northern New Jersey, less than twenty minutes by train from midtown Manhattan. If interested, please email me a letter of interest summarizing your background, training, computer modeling skills and experience, previous publications and presentations of research, and future career goals. Also indicate your current location, citizenship, and Visa/workpermit status in the US.

Thank you, Mark Gluck

Dr. Mark A. Gluck, Professor
Co-Director, Rutgers Memory Disorders Project
Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience
Rutgers University Phone: (deleted by editor)
197 University Ave. Fax: (973) 353-1272
Newark, New Jersey 07102 Email: (deleted by editor)

Memory Loss & Brain Newsletter:


One thought on “Job opening at Rutgers: programmer of neurocomputational models

  1. My Address:
    Sibi George
    No. 41, 2nd Cross,
    Bharati layout,
    S.G. Palya,
    Bangalore – 560029
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    My career:
    I am a Software Engineer with seven years of experience.

    My Artificial Neural Network background:
    I am very much interested in Artificial Neural Network. Now I am trying to control a Robot using ANN. I am using Microsoft Robotics Studio to simulate the Robot. And I am using the Dashboard application provided with MS Robotics Studio as an interface between the simulated Robot and the Neural Network. Still it is in design phase. I am using Microsoft Visio to design the project.

    My Innovations:
    Still I remember two of the events of my child hood.
    1) When I repaired a battery operated toy aeroplane.
    2) When I constructed a small mechanical device to automatically switch off the motor.

    When I grew up, I studied basic electronics. From that knowledge, I developed some Electronics Circuits and three of them got published in one of the famous Electronics magazine – “Electronics For You”.

    When I got into computers, I developed small hacking programs and screen savers apart from my regular work of Application Development.

    My Educational background:
    I want to start from my Pre-Degree. Even though I was a brilliant student in the class, I couldn’t score well in the examination because of the strong Inferiority complex haunted me at that time. So I didn’t get admission for Engineering in Government College. And I didn’t have money to join private Engineering College. So I joined for a commerce degree. Soon I realized that it is not my field and I joined for a three-year computer course. After that I started my career as a Programmer.


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