Allen brain atlas completed

A few days ago the Allen Institute for Brain Science issued a press release announcing the completion of the Allen Brain Atlas.

“The Allen Brain Atlas (ABA) is an interactive, genome-wide image database of gene expression in the mouse brain. A combination of RNA in situ hybridization data, detailed Reference Atlases and informatics analysis tools are integrated to provide a searchable digital atlas of gene expression. ”

Some interesting findings from the project: “It reveals that 80
percent of genes are turned on in the brain, much higher than the 60 to 70 percent scientists
previously believed.”

Also, “It indicates that very few genes are turned on in only one region of the brain”

What’s the Allen Institute going to do now? “Going forward, the Institute will shift its focus to human research in order to answer critical
questions about human brain disorders and diseases. It will seek opportunities to collaborate with
scientists on research programs, offering its state-of-the-art equipment, technological capacity and a
32,000-square foot facility.
With the view of becoming a self-sustaining entity, the Institute will be pursuing grants and
partnerships with funding agencies and foundations to advance neurological health issues.”

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