4 comp neuro positions at CSHL with Tim Tully and Josh Dubnau (memory formation in Drosophila and anatomy)

….take a look at http://mitralab.org/main/jobs.html for full details on the positions and how to apply. Below are short summaries.

The first position is for a postdoc to work on an integrative theoretical study of memory formation in Drosophila. The work is part of the DART Neurogenomic Alliance at CSHL headed by Tim Tully and Josh Dubnau.

The three remaining positions are for two postdocs and one programmer to join the Brain Architecture project, a new collaboration to study human brain anatomy and connectivity. One postdoc will integrate information from the scientific literature into a project database and may have opportunities for experimental neuroanatomy research related to project goals. The second postdoc will work on the analysis and visualization of graphs corresponding to neuroanatomical connectivity matrices. The scientific programmer will provide general computer support and will code specialized tools for the project.

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