Next-Gen Walking Robot Better Than Honda Asimo

Recently, a company named AnyBots appears to have been able to build a humanoid walking robot whose gait is much more humanlike that Honda’s Asimo (If you aren’t familiar with Asimo, check it out)

The robot is named Dexter, and here’s a link to a blog explaining why its better than Asimo. From the blog:

There are of course biped robots that walk. The Honda Asimo is the best known. But the Asimo doesn’t balance dynamically. Its walk is preprogrammed; if you had it walk twice across the same space, it would put its feet down in exactly the same place the second time. And of course the floor has to be hard and flat.

Dynamically balancing—the way we walk—is much harder. It looks fairly smooth when we do it, but it’s really a controlled fall. At any given moment you have to think (or at least, your body does) about which direction you’re falling, and put your foot down in exactly the right place to push you in the direction you want to go. Practice makes it seem easy to us, but it’s a very hard problem to solve. Something as tall as a human becomes irretrievably off balance very rapidly.

This is important because robots that dynamically balance can handle arbitrary terrains and can withstand attempts to knock them over, much like the Big Dog robot we reported on earlier, whereas pre-programmed robots like Asimo cannot. If Honda were smart, they’d buy AnyBot ASAP.

Here’s a link to the Slashdot article on this.


One thought on “Next-Gen Walking Robot Better Than Honda Asimo

  1. While its true that dynamic balancing may be the “holy grail” of robotic ambulation, Dexter has a long way to go. At the moment, Asimo is already walking up stairs and literally running circles around baby Dexter. Dexter needs to take heart though and realize that Asimo himself started by only taking baby steps. I agree that AnyBot is hot property for any serious robotic company, and that Honda should seriously consider buying.


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