OpenViBE is an open source software environment “enclosing novel and efficient techniques for Brain-Computer Interfaces, Neurofeedback and Virtual Reality”. I haven’t downloaded and run it, but it looks like it takes EEG data and renders a 3D image of activity in your brain so that you can use this for neurofeedback. Could be fun in conjunction with the build-your-own-EEG projects that we mentioned recently here.

Paper: C. Arrouet, M. Congedo, J.E. Marvie, F. Lamarche, A. Lécuyer, and B. Arnaldi. Open-ViBE: a 3D Platform for Real-Time Neuroscience. Journal of Neurotherapy, Vol. 9, Num. 1, 2005

Looks they were recently looking for a postdoc to continue work on this. I dunno if that job is still open or not.


4 thoughts on “OpenViBE

  1. very interesting but where is it?
    is it a really open or its an appendix of LORETA software?
    Are you aware that the so called main properties of LORETA are not true?
    Do you know that zero dipole localization error is just a trivial (and useless) property?.
    Are you aware that DLE is by no means the most natural way to evaluate linear inverse solutions?
    Are you aware that in contrast to sLORETA that fails to localize in presence of low noise there are inverse solutions that needs no regularization?
    To learn more about all these aspects check
    Have you noted that the head model used in LORETA software only uses “some points” in the brain volume. For an applications uisng almost the double of solution points (4024) see previous site.


  2. Hello,

    the first version of Open-ViBE will be available in 2008. Right now development is very active. The platform will be free.
    Marco Congedo


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