Inter-Brain Synchronization during Social Interaction

Guillaume Dumas, Jacqueline Nadel, Robert Soussignan, Jacques Martinerie, Line Garnero. PLoS ONE: Inter-Brain Synchronization during Social Interaction.

Ulman Lindenberger, Shu-Chen Li, Walter Gruber and Viktor Müller. Brains swinging in concert: cortical phase synchronization while playing guitar

excerpt from the abstract of the first one:

18 participants paired as 9 dyads were recorded with dual-video and dual-EEG setups while they were engaged in spontaneous imitation of hand movements….states of interactional synchrony correlate with the emergence of an interbrain synchronizing network in the alpha-mu band between the right centroparietal regions. These regions have been suggested to play a pivotal role in social interaction. Here, they acted symmetrically as key functional hubs in the interindividual brainweb. Additionally, neural synchronization became asymmetrical in the higher frequency bands possibly reflecting a top-down modulation of the roles of model and imitator in the ongoing interaction.

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excerpt from the abstract of the second one:

we simultaneously recorded EEG from the brains of each of eight pairs of guitarists playing a short melody together…By applying synchronization algorithms to intra- and interbrain analyses, we found that phase synchronization both within and between brains increased significantly during the periods of (i) preparatory metronome tempo setting and (ii) coordinated play onset. Phase alignment extracted from within-brain dynamics was related to behavioral play onset asynchrony between guitarists.

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