Cognitive Atlas

Cognitive Atlas, a machine-readable ontology and semantic database of assertions about cognitive studies, with bibliographic links and brain area localization.


ConnectomeViewer – Multi-Modal Multi-Level Network and Neuroimaging Visualization and Analysis

Two neat tools concerned with the “connectome” (i.e. the pattern of connections in the nervous system):

Semantic wiki:

Desktop viewer: “Multi-Modal Multi-Level Network and Neuroimaging Visualization and Analysis” (screencasts)


Allen Institute for Brain Science adds human brain data

Expression data is now available for over 60K gene probes over the entire human brain. Click here to access this monster data set!

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Amazon offers a grant to use its cloud computing in research

Want to run your research computations on Amazon’s cloud computing service?

No word as to when the next grant applicatiion deadline is, but it looks like an ongoing program.

Thanks to Brad Aimone, who got about $3000 worth of compute time for his research project, for alerting us to this.


MLOSS: machine learning open source software

In addition to an index of over 200 open source machine learning software projects, the “about” section notes that there is an open source tools track of the journal JMLR, and that there are MLOSS workshops sometimes at NIPS and ICML.


Foldit the useful protein folding game

You can help with protein folding research!

According to the website, currently they are collecting data from the game to see if humans can actually contribute anything beyond what the computers can already do.