ND is Science 2.0

Science 2.0: You Say You Want a Revolution? [HHMI Bulletin]

I’ve been remiss in posting this article that was featured in the HHMI Bulletin a few months ago, but Neurodudes was mentioned in an article about blogs and science, along with our friend Andrew Hires’s excellent Brain Windows blog.

An apology

It has just been brought to my attention that for the last few months (!) neurodudes has had some serious problems with allowing users to comment, ie. commenting was completely closed. I am very sorry for that. The problem should be fixed and now commenting should again be easy for anyone to use. As always, feel free to contact us at contactus^neurodudes^com (replacing ^ as appropriate) if you have any questions or concerns. – Neville

note about comment spam

btw, we’ve gotten lots of spam comments. our solution is to use an automated spam blocker to screen comments. we’ve had to block the brand names of many drugs, as well as lots of words related to gambling. If you try to submit a comment and it is rejected due to “questionable content”, then try rephrasing the comment to not use an “spamy” words, and using the generic name for any drugs you mention. Or, email the administrators, and we’ll help.
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Neurodudes on the web!

Welcome to both old and new Neurodudes!

Bayle and I have decided to try moving Neurodudes to a more open, blog-based format. The idea here is to encourage more contributions from more people. If you’d like to post something, just follow the directions on the left. If you find yourself posting often, we’ll hook you up with you own account.

I hope that we can revive the Neurodudes discussion and make it even more lively in its new home on the web!
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