Adderall abuse with students

Another interesting psychopharmacology issue. We’ve covered the SSRIs here before but the newest trend is among high-school and college-age wanting something to help them focus, do better on tests, etc. Adderall, prescription amphetamine salts for ADHD, seems to be the drug of choice. Article from the Christian Science Monitor follows. (A quick search on Google News shows just how much press this issue has been getting.)
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Withdrawal: Paxil > Zoloft > Prozac

Looks like the serotonin anti-depressants (ie. SSRIs and agonists) might create physical dependence, and thus can cause some serious withdrawal. Surprise, surprise! This article from the NYT points out that since serotonin is used throughout the body, including in the digestive system, there can be some very strange withdrawal effects. Interesting point about how drugs with a longer half-life produce less severe withdrawal because they leave the system more gradually.
[Edited 11/2006 to rectify incorrect use of addiction-dependence terminology -Neville]

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